The right way to change the world

All profitable cultural change (books, motion pictures, public well being), has a super-simple two-step loop:


It’s straightforward to concentrate on consciousness. Get the phrase out. Hype. Promo.

I feel that’s a mistake.

As a result of consciousness with out rigidity is ineffective.

The stress is like pulling again a rubber band.

WHY would somebody who turns into conscious take motion?

Is the motion to purchase the ebook? To vary one’s food plan? To vote?

After which the third step, so necessary it’s typically ignored, is:

Why would the one who grew to become conscious after which skilled the stress and launch… inform another person?

So, to recap:

  • Inform 10 individuals.
  • Create rigidity among the many 10 so that they take motion.
  • The motion causes every of them to inform 10 individuals.


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