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Giant sections of Los Angeles are studded with billboards for minor TV exhibits. These billboards exist nowhere else, regardless that there are televisions globally.

Clearly, there’s ego at work right here, nevertheless it’s kind of productive.

First, there’s the ego of the producers/networks. They like exhibiting their friends what they’re as much as, and it in all probability makes it simpler to recruit the expertise that lives close by. If you happen to’re within the well-known enterprise, being extra well-known, even regionally, is a lift.

After which there’s the ego of the celebrities. In any case, in the event that they see the billboard, it’s as if everybody sees it.

Social media is just a smaller scale digital instance of this very tendency.

And getting your billboard proper–and doing work that makes it simpler to get your billboard proper–may be one of many single greatest uncomfortable side effects of helpful social media.

However, like billboards in LA, it’s greatest to not take them too critically.


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